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The Best in Remanufacturing High-Quality Compressors.

Resolute is proud to be the official OEM authorized source for YORK® brand remanufactured screw compressors, reciprocating compressors, and air-cooled chillers.

If your business relies on air conditioning or refrigeration, you can rely on us to be your partner in keeping things running efficiently with high-quality, remanufactured compressors.

Legendary YORK® dependability and Resolute Industrial dependability are one and the same. That’s because our compressor business was formed as a result of the acquisition of Johnson Controls/YORK®.  Although under new ownership we continue to manufacture and remanufacture to the same standards, using only factory-approved parts and engineering-certified processes.

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Tested to Be the Best Before We Put Our Name on It.

There’s a big difference between rebuilt or reconditioned compressor and our remanufactured products. Rebuilt compressors may consist of used components from other similar compressors, resulting in possible uneven wear and ultimately premature failure. Whereas our remanufacturing process demands a complete tear down of every returned compressor.

As part of our quality control, each part is rigorously inspected to determine suitability for reconditioning and reuse. Only compressor parts passing this critical inspection process are reused, new parts are then used to complete the components needed. All our remanufactured compressors undergo a thorough bench testing procedure to assure they are ready for service and the records of every test are maintained at our manufacturing facility.

Our confidence in the remanufacturing procedure allows us to offer the same warranty as our new compressors. Extended warranties can also be purchased for both re-manufactured and new products.

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When Your Equipment Stops Running, We’re here for you.

We understand the urgency and importance of critical compressor replacement. That’s what drives our commitment to exceptional quality and dependable availability. We stock ready to ship units to quickly respond to our customer’s emergency needs. We also stock parts stock to provide a quick turn-around on any order.

Chicago Compressor & Specialty Products

With the Fastest Refrigerant Recovery Rates in the Industry, We Minimize Your Critical Downtime.


When your chiller or cooling system is down for service, either scheduled or emergency, you need a fast-working Refrigerant Storage & Recovery (RSR) system you can depend on every time. That’s why companies across the nation rely on us to provide the right solution.

We are proud to be the sole provider of YORK® brand RSR’s and continue to manufacture these products to the same standards customers have come to trust.

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We Have the Products to Keep Your HVAC System Running on Schedule.

Our RSR units have set the quality standard in refrigerant recovery for years. They are safely installed and used in plants throughout the world. We manufacture a wide variety of self-contained RSR units in multiple sizes and capacities that can accommodate a variety of refrigerants. In addition to our standard product offerings, we can design and build custom units to meet particular pumping and storage specifications.

When Speed Counts, We Deliver.

Businesses can’t afford unnecessary downtime. Fortunately, Resolute Industrial stocks ready-to-ship units on most of our standard options. With up to 4,000 pound storage tanks available for your immediate needs. Custom-designed commercial units require lead times from six to ten weeks. All of our RSR units are precision-built in a dedicated cell at our Chicago manufacturing facility. Each product undergoes thorough testing before shipping to your location.

Certified to the Highest Standards.

Proper refrigerant recovery is important for the health of our environment and is strictly regulated by Federal law. We are experts in providing cost-effective solutions and can help you find the right certified equipment. Our team stays up to date on all laws and regulations. Therefore, we can recommend the equipment that works best for you.

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