Weather isn’t always predictable, but your warehouse conditions can be with an efficient, well-designed HVAC or power solution from Resolute Industrial.

In any warehouse, hot air can get trapped in ceilings. This high heat and humidity can negatively affect employee productivity and could even damage your inventory. When seasonal temperatures create more heat than what your permanent cooling system can handle, Resolute Industrial can design a temporary HVAC solution to keep your employees and inventory cool and comfortable. And if that permanent system ever fails entirely, Resolute is equipped to swiftly provide temporary cooling solutions for emergencies, and even equipment to replace parts of your broken system.

Not all warehouses are created equal. Some are located in cold areas of the country, where bitter winters are far more of a concern than excessive heat. In those cases, Resolute sells air heaters and can design rental heating solutions to meet any warehouse’s needs. Whether you need to buy spot coolers for your Arizona warehouse or need temporary heating to fight the worst of an Illinois winter, Resolute has you covered.

Resolute is prepared to help maintain the productivity of your employees and the integrity of your stored goods. With a cost-effective heating or cooling solution from Resolute, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you have reliable climate control backed by a team of experienced technicians who are always ready to meet your needs. And with a fleet of rental power equipment, Resolute will ensure that your HVAC and your facility is always powered in the first place.

Our emergency services mean that from the moment you lose power, an expert can be on the way to design an emergency solution for your warehouse. Or if you can’t afford to spend any time without HVAC or power, you can secure the equipment for your solution ahead of time by creating a contingency plan with us. When you choose to partner with Resolute Industrial for your HVAC and power needs, there’s little that can hinder your inventory management.


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