Just like inpatient care, there is no “one prescription” for meeting healthcare HVAC and power needs.

That’s why hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities trust our experts to design and implement custom HVAC solutions for their demanding requirements. Our experienced team understands the needs of healthcare facilities and works to customize solutions that help support the health and comfort of your patients, staff, and equipment. An efficient, well-functioning hospital HVAC design needs to have the versatility to provide climate-controlled environments suitable for lab settings, patient areas, sterile environments, and for proper storage of supplies.

On top of ensuring proper environmental conditions, it is crucial to ensure that medical equipment can run without interruption. For this reason, our rental division has contingency plans that can be a critical resource for healthcare facilities in the face of potential outages. This way, the exact rental power solution is designed before any problem arises, saving invaluable time if an outage does occur.

Installing rental HVAC or power equipment for healthcare facilities requires our own special commitment to caring. We recognize the importance of the continuous care you provide to your patients. So, we work diligently to implement every equipment solution with as little service interruption to you as possible. As part of our efficient installation process, we pre-check and test each system before shipping and throughout every step of installation. This means your healthcare HVAC system can be up and running with little to no disturbance to patient care. We also provide emergency service for any unexpected technical difficulties that may occur. With service and delivery offices strategically located throughout North America we are proud to serve the healthcare industry with quality systems that help you carry out your commitment to patient care.


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