With our ability to handle even the most demanding HVAC and power needs, there’s no one better to take on the varying challenges of the industry.

Here at Resolute Industrial, we understand that the HVAC needs of a school or municipal office can be vastly different from those of a military base. That’s why we’re ready to apply our expertise to engineer the most efficient solution for any challenge that comes our way. And while we may have a wide variety of equipment for a variety of circumstances, the quality of our service is universal. Each and every customer can depend on the same reliability and the same quick response, and turnkey installation for all of their HVAC and power solutions.

Between our HVAC and power equipment, our services can be applied to a host of applications. If routine maintenance forces the shutdown of your electrical supply, our power solutions will provide an uninterrupted supply to your most vital equipment. Or if your own power equipment needs testing, our load banks will help you determine how well your units are running. Additionally, our cooling and heating equipment can help simulate environmental conditions to test the operation of any equipment that needs to meet stringent standards. And when it comes time to store this equipment, as well as ammunition and other potentially sensitive materials, seasonal variations can create atmospheric conditions that are less than ideal. When those problems arise, Resolute is ready to handle that, too.

Whether you need disaster recovery for a facility, a permanent chiller for a ship, or anything in between, Resolute Industrial has what it takes to keep your operations at peak performance.


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