In the food & beverage industry, the air quality in your production facility is absolutely critical to the quality of the products you produce.

We understand that HVAC in food processing plants can have a direct impact on food quality and the ultimate success and viability of your company. If your permanent system breaks down, our custom-tailored solutions will help you meet and maintain strict specifications and requirements for temperature levels, humidity control, and permissible levels of contamination. Our experience in the complexities of the industry and thorough knowledge of food processing HVAC ventilation makes us the perfect partner for creating a safe environment for your high-quality food and beverages.

In addition to designing and installing temporary HVAC and power solutions for food processing plants, we offer scheduled maintenance and emergency response so your operations can continue with minimal downtime. Our rental equipment is well suited for planned support, as emergency backup for system outages, and in contingency plans to counter seasonal variations in temperatures. With strategic service locations throughout North America, we are uniquely able to service your facility promptly and efficiently, no matter the need, no matter the location.

If a sudden loss of power is the only thing preventing your HVAC equipment from running perfectly, then we also have you covered there. Our fleet of rental power equipment can supply electricity for any facility, and our emergency response drastically reduces the length of service interruptions. In fact, creating a contingency plan for your facility can guarantee that power equipment will always be ready in case disaster strikes.

Resolute prides itself in the wealth of equipment offered in its rental division, but sometimes rental solutions aren’t enough. When you need to purchase and install permanent or recovery equipment, Resolute also provides equipment such as refrigerant storage/recovery units, air heaters, remanufactured compressors, and even many of the HVAC units used for our rental operations.


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