With proper HVAC and power equipment, there is little that can put a stop to your project.

Between bad weather, power outages, excess humidity or moisture, and more, there are plenty of ways that a construction project can be delayed, causing stress for contractors and customers alike. Thankfully, Resolute’s wide suite of equipment means that many, if not most, of these problems can be negated.

For the hot months, Resolute has cooling and dehumidification equipment that is versatile and can be used for any project. If permanent equipment is not for you, our rental division can design temporary cooling and dehumidification solutions to meet your exact needs. And when winter hits a site hard, we’ll design an efficient heating solution to maintain the safety and comfort of your employees, as well as any conditions needed for applications such as concrete pouring and curing. In combination with the Mobile Air Remote Monitoring System, inadequate temperature and humidity levels can be resolved before you know it. Best of all, Resolute’s full turnkey service means that more time can be spent on the project instead of worrying about site conditions and weather.

When a project gets rolling, it’s crucial to keep things on schedule. Our quick emergency service means that service interruptions can be minimized, and that work can go on. Better yet, our contingency plan option lets us send out the exact equipment you need only minutes after your first call. And if you need to power either your rental HVAC equipment or the jobsite in general, Mobile Air and Power Rental has the rental generators you need to keep your project going.


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