Resolute Industrial
is the premiere provider of specialized industrial & HVAC solutions in North America.

Resolute is a well-capitalized, deeply experienced company focused on growth by providing industry-leading service to a wide spectrum of customers in the HVAC industry.

Our divisions are well established and continue to grow under the leadership of Resolute Industrial.

As an independent company, we maintain a commitment to our legacy businesses and customers, but also focus on building from the traditional base to expand product and service offerings while forging new customer partnerships.

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Through experience and advanced technology we are the premier provider of specialized industrial and HVAC solutions.

We believe in our employees and their abilities, allowing us to recruit, develop, and retain top talents.

We are certified to the highest safety standards.

By taking an innovative and flexible approach, we partner with customers to efficiently solve their issues.

With a one-company mentality, we provide a competitive edge, while delivering an unmatched level of service and quality throughout the industry.

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Industrial-leading safety performance & training.

At Resolute Industrial, not only are we certified to the highest standards, we make it a top priority to stay committed to safety excellence. We stay up to date on all industry standards and plan for evolving safety efforts and changes. We educate our employees to empower them to make safe decisions and improve upon ourselves by learning from mistakes.

we’re there where you need us.
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